We all want to be heard!

That is right, we all want to be heard!

Being that I love to laugh, joke, and have fun, which I know we all love to do, this blog will contain posts on a variety of topics.

Throughout the day, so many thoughts go through my head and sometimes they just need to come out.  I believe it is essential for people to have space where their views can be expressed without fear.

Now, I know we don’t live in a perfect world and that everyone will not agree with me.  Trust and believe that I am prepared for that.  But, we can’t learn and grow without someone challenging the way we think.  Or better yet, challenging how we see the world.

We are all complicated which makes us uniquely beautiful

I know I am a very complex person at times.  Most things are not black and white for me.  Nor do I think they are for most people.  Honestly, I feel like I live my life is mostly gray which is why I strive to see the other side of things.  We bring different life experiences to the table which shapes how we perceive things.  These different life experiences have made each of us our own version of a complicated, beautiful person.

So with that being said…

I plan to use this little corner of the internet to share my wit, sarcasm and various thoughts with you all.  I hope that you all will find them interesting, intriguing, insightful, and maybe even silly at times.  So let’s get the conversation started.  Feel free to comment below and share some of your random thoughts.


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